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Amanda's interest in devising began her research into vernacular narrative and performance studies with everyday storytellers. She has worked with adults and youth to create both fictional and non-fictional collaborative performative narratives. Her work explores the ability for diverse participants to create a singular narrative that encourages open and active listening, constructive criticism, and challenges conventional notions of storytelling by incorporating multimodal sensory experiences and exploring non-linear storytelling options. Her work in devising has created site-specific theatre, addressed specific community needs, called for activism, and created a space for everyday storytellers to come together.

Devising Productions

  • "Once in My Life" University of Central Florida, Orlando, Fl 2017

  • The Masks We Wear (Finding Beauty)” (9th – 12th grade) Evans High School, Orlando, FL 2014

  • What is Bullying?” (6th – 8th grade) Carver Middle School, Orlando, FL 2014

  • “Theatre for Social Change Showcase” (Ages 14-23) interACTionZ, Orlando, FL 2014

  • “I Come From a Place” (5th-8th grade) Edgewood Children’s Ranch, Orlando, FL 2012

  • "if not now, when?" (Undergraduate and Graduate) Orlando Repertory Theatre, Orlando, FL 2012

  • "A Curious Case of Clutter" (Undergraduate and Graduate) Orlando Repertory Theatre, Orlando, FL 2011

Devising Residencies & Workshops

  • “Devising for Educators and Teaching Artists,” Orlando Repertory Theatre, Orlando, FL, 2013

  • “From Page to Stage: An Intro to Devising” (9th - 12th grade) Lake Mary High School Orlando, FL 2012

  • “What is Devising?” (3rd grade) Lake Eola Charter School Orlando, FL 2012

  • “Devising Theatre: An Introduction to Various Methodologies,” with Courtney Helen Grile, Florida Theatre Conference, Gainesville, FL, 2012


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