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Once In My Life is a partnership between UCF's Department of Theatre and UCF's Learning Institute for Elders (LIFE) program. The project brought undergraduate and graduate students together with LIFE students to share stories and personal memories based on the theme "Once In My Life." The project aimed to share stories, celebrate life, and bridge the division between the two generations.The undergraduate students recorded their story-sharing sessions with their LIFE partner and those documents were used to create a new theatrical work. The students came together in Spring 2017 to rehearse and perform in the play inspired by their lives. See below for the documentary created by GroundUp Pictures about the project. 

Playwright/Director: Elizabeth Brendel Horn

Project Manager: Dr. Claudia Schippert

Technical Director/Designer: Amanda Hill

Story Director: Dr. Natalie Underberg-Goode

Music Director: Jim Brown

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My Channel

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